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New Member to the SHO Family

New 11/30/06

 Tejas James Kuiper, born 11.29.2006 10:02 pm.  5lbs 4.2ozs.  6 weeks early, but healthy. After 24 hours of labor, mom and baby are sleeping and dad is running on adrenalin :-)


Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Tejas (pronounced Tay-jus) is doing very well and breathing on his own. Hopefully we can hold the little guy this afternoon :-)


-- Cheers, Seth

PS - For the curious ones, Tejas is a Hindi name, meaning "brilliance"


I finally got back to the hospital after taking a much needed nap this afternoon. I got to hold Tejas for almost 2 hours while he fed and slept. It is an unmatched feeling. We are so blessed! I took the time to compile the thoughts and prayers from V8SHO members - Thanks to everyone who took the time to put us in their thoughts and prayers.

-Seth Kuiper 12:50 am

-Brad Bender 12:57 AM That's great to hear, Seth! Congrats!

-Ron Porter 1:02 AM Congratulations!!

- Roman Steichen 1:05 am Congrats, Seth!

- Rick Glass 1:10 am CONGRATS !!!!!!!

- Christina Casselton 1:17 am Congratulations Papa--you'll need that adrenalin more than you will ever realize in the next few weeks when you discover what sleep deprivation really is.

Thanks for letting us know everyone is well!

Don't forget pictures!

-Newmy 1:27 am Atta boy!! Congrats man!!

-Kirk J Doucette 2:19 am congrats

-Carter Fuji 6:29 am Congratulations! The easy part is over.

whitesho (Chris) 8:38 am congrats Seth, the adrenaline from that is a good clean high, better than any drug

-Scott Krietemeyer 9:11 am Congrats!

Now begins the phase where the little boy casts you under his spell and manipulates you like play-doh...

They truly are good times.

-Don Mallinson 10:28 am Seth, congrats dad! Good news that everyone is Ok after such a long ordeal.

-Felix Culpa 10:46 am WOW, every child is a gift from God.

This is a life changer.

I know we don't pray the same but theologically I believe parenting is a vocation; meaning that if God grants you children He also give you all the special graces necessary for the task.

That is important because parenting is the most important thing you will ever do.

I have such joy for you.

PS - we need proof, Photos for FAQ?

-showhat9@aol.com (Larry Eck)1:57 pm

Indeed sir congrats to all. First year you can all but give up on the notion of a full nights sleep. Second year they will amaze you at the speed they can muster in a full craw! Enjoy, they sprout fast.

-k mier 6:00 pm Congratulations. Enjoy them while you can, they grow up way too fast.

trexkeys@aol.com (Rex) 4:47 pm Wow, Seth.....congrats.

Christina Casselton 2:37 pm Seth--wow what a wonderful looking family. You have a beautiful wife also. He looks so cute with all that hair!! Thanks for explaining the name also. Congrats Papa, and try to get a few hours sleep soon--you're gonna need it. Nice to see the grandparents could share the miracle!

Congrats and prayers,

-Newmy 2:41 pm Cute kid!!

-Felix Culpa 3:16 pm I forgot to mention, what was the LAST thing mom had to eat before delivery?

My mom had cheddar cheese before she had me, and I love it.

My mom picked the radishes our of a salad before she had my sister and my mom has sister loves them,

What ever the last meal before evection, well it brings back simpler times.


The photos knock me out.

I remember my niece when she was newborn, she put the palm of her hand on my finger tip and her 4 fingers were as wide as my one finger nail. When that happened - I almost died.

But not Tejas, he has paws like a boxer, yet so small.

I never had my own, but I can guess what you are feeling.

At least at your age you don't need as much sleep as UL. ;-)


-Ron Porter 3:51 pm Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!

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