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News Flash

Hey guys,
Just got word from the writer of the article for Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords.  We and ShoClub.com, SHOTIMES.com will be featured in the May volume in the Cyber Stallions column.  Make sure you buy lots of copies...if only to feed our egos (I am not making a dime off of any of this.)



Just received my June 2001 MM&FF. The SHO online community is in there along with some familiar names, Mr. Ivy, Mr. Holhut and old Buford himself are mentioned by name. Got to go for now and read the article. Thought you all would like to know.

W. Craig Wall
96 MWM
55,000 miles

When does everyone think that will start hitting news stands?

Paul M.
'98 TR

I think May 2nd


Article now available on line at CYBER STALLIONS. I got my hard copy at the newsstand, I hope you did too. 


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