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AR Cam Failure #1042

Date 3/4/09, 3/5/09

I drove by this auto repair shop on the north end of Rogers last week and spotted a SHO with a for sale sign on it. The '97 Black SHO with grey leather interior was showing 148,000 miles on the odometer when I pulled in tonight and talked to the new owner of that car since the original owner didn't want to pay for the repair bill after the front cam failed. The shop owner wanted to get $2,700 out of it since that is what he put into it. I told him anybody who knew anything about these cars probably wouldn't pony up that much. He told me he would let it sit and rot right there if he didn't get that much out of it.

I will stop by later this week and get the VIN to add to the list.

Carter Fuji

Well, he better break out the air wrench, then, because unless he wants to find someone to fix the head, he'll never get $2700 from a dead shell. Better to part it out and recoup what he can.

Maybe I'll take the doors and make my car a faux ex-cop car. :)

I also always had a hankerin' to switch my grey cloth out for leather, but my plans weren't to keep the leather all one piece and one color...

-John Breen III

He wanted me to drive it but I declined . He told me he had replaced the head and put in "a" new cam. I told him I didn't want to be in the drivers seat when one of the other three went bad. He told me he was a Ford mechanic for many years and never heard of even one failing so he really wasn't worried. Funny while I was standing there I told him of the other things to look out for while the while he held the door open. When he finally was convinced I wasn't going to drive it he shut the door and sure enough the dome light stayed on. He then went on to discount that by saying it was on a timer and not the gummed up switch needing the WD-40 bath until 10 minutes had passed and it was still on. I told him the Battery saver should turn it off in 15 but it would be an annoyance to the driver since the door light and dome light would stay on while the car is running. Said he would look into it in the morning. I politely offered him $1,100 but he refused stating the "it will just sit there and rot" portion of our conversation so I left.


Details Pending - Buford

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