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Battery Tray Mounting Solution

new 11/14/2010

Attached is my recommendation should anyone ever need to remove their battery tray bracket, especially if you live in a corrosion state.

In recap I FINALLY got the ABS module (and pump) replaced on the 99 yesterday and bled / flushed the fluid. Since I had to re-engineer how the battery bracket attaches I spent an hour so so developing a write-up. I used a hole saw to investigate inside the frame and figure out what lines up where so ignore that in the picture. If I had to do this again - I would have gone straight for twisting off the battery tray bolts in the first place.

I have about 10 hours in replacing the ABS module on this car 3 of that is removal of the battery tray. - If I see another Bosch sticker on another part I take off of this car I am going to explode. I'll send a message later with some pictures of how the ABS modules are built.

Scott "A 12 pack was required cast for this production" Krietemeyer

images/Battery Tray Mounting Solution/99_drivers_frame.pdf

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