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Bob Gilstrap - Cam Failure #890

Date 2/19/08

Hello all. I have a '97 SHO with 160k that I've had for 6 years. car is still in excellent shape and is, so I thought, in excellent mechanical shape. I noticed a ticking noise, or more like marbles, from the right side of the engine. the next day, I think the inevitable happened. I pulled onto the highway and the car stumbled and died. I was able to start it and get it halfway running by holding open the throttle somewhat. it ran as if there were dead cylinders or bent valves.

 I'm 98% sure I am the next furd victim! is there anyway to tell for sure what has happened other than taking off the valve covers? would a reading of the cam position sensor while running indicate anything?

 Next, if I am the failing camshaft sprocket victim, will the bent valves have damaged anything else in the motor. if the heads are aluminum, would there be possible damage there? I'm not sure any damage could have been done to the pistons being it didn't run long. has anyone found replacement valves and just do a valve job on the heads? are the replacement head gaskets and such available?

 If there are no reasonably priced solutions to fixing this myself since I can take the engine apart, then I have nothing but a scrap car! any input will surely be welcomed!! thanks!


Details Pending - Buford

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