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Craigslist Cam Failure #1095 - Belleville - '97

Date 6/25/09

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SHO V8 (Belleville)

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Date: 2009-06-22, 9:46PM EDT

*****I would like to sell as a whole, but will be willing to part out.******

I have a partially tore down all aluminum V8 from a 97 SHO. The engine spun a cam sprocket. Replaced engine, eventually sold car (with welded cams). I need to get this engine out of my garage. The front head needs to be redone, it has 4 bent intake valves. The pistons have minor spots on them from the valves but I believe that they are ok. Most of everything is there to put back together. Will need some gaskets. Open to reasonable offers. Willing to part out. Email me for any picture requests. Thanks for looking!! If the AD is still here, I still have it. Thanks for looking!

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