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Craigslist Cam Failure #1100 -  Denver CO - '96

Date 7/4/09

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1996 Ford Taurus SHO All Fixed Now - $3500 (Highlands Ranch)

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Date: 2009-06-11, 9:27PM MDT

This is the second time I have listed this car but this time it is way better. I bought this car for my son a few weeks ago and then found out he was using drugs. Well no car for him but maybe for you. After I decided to sell it and listed it, I had several people come by to test drive it. Not knowing anything about cars I was told that the engine was making some odd noises and that the springs in back were bad. My wife and I didnít feel comfortable about letting someone else find out the hard way about this car so we decided to get it fixed. I found this great mechanic on craigslist and he went to work. I have found out that there is a huge problem with the SHO engines with the cam shaft failing due to some sort of design flaw. Well we had that trouble so make sure if you donít buy this one that you make sure the one you do get is fixed. Mine is now fixed. The cam shaft has been welded, the oil was flushed and changed. The rear harness which can melt on these cars has been upgraded. The spark plugs have been changed with Ford Platinum series. The upper and lower intakes have been cleaned. The rear springs have been replaced as well as the struts. I had him fix everything I could on the interior, such as new cup holder, new arm rest and new door pins through out. Some of the things that didnít need to be done that I had him do anyway was to chain down the engine. That means that the engine is chained to the frame so you donít have to worry about breaking the motor mounts and also you get a little better response when you punch on the gas. The other thing was to upgrade the rear sway bar from the standard size to a 23mm one, which gives you way better handling in the corners. All of the wheel well splash guards were also replaced. He thought the brakes looked brand new and with as much as he new about these cars I wouldnít doubt him. I will of course give you his number if you want to talk to him and also just to have it if you need anything for this car or any other SHO you have. The car has 123,000 miles on it but I kid you not it drives like new now. With the V8 engine this car really moves and should last you a very long time. Of course it has leather and power everything including a moon roof and 6 disc changer. The A/C blows very cold. Please call or email if you have any questions.

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