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Eric' s NZ Handbrake

new 09/16/10, 9/18/10

Eric acquired a few choice RHD V8SHO parts from NZ. This starts with the beginning of his handbrake install. Tim

So. I'm finally beginning the installation of my RHD SHO hand brake setup. Couldn't have begun it without you, Kylie. ;-)

Here are a couple shots. Not much else could coerce me to pull out my '99 cup holder. Sorry about the camera phone pic size, just lazy I guess. Only roughed in at the moment. Definitely a few fit challenges - definitely NOT a drop-in.

-- Eric Lehmann

I fiddles around after work a couple nights this last week to get an idea of how I wanted to tackle this modification. Those were the first roughed in pix. Let's call that round 1.

Today is about getting serious about it. Let's call this round 2. If you are not prepared to do this to your console just for beginners, don't even think about starting a project like this. None of this is a drop in fit.
I'll be keeping ya'll updated as I go.

I had fun getting the shift tower under there too...

I wasn't terribly proud of the "upskirt" appearance, but the result once buttoned up is great.


IN !

I've got to do some trimming on the console insert pieces to get the passenger's side to fit tighter by the shifter, but the interior part of the install is done. Next to run the rear cables and figure out how to mount them.

Here's some more photos of the New Zealand Handbrake Mod.


Hell to the yes!!! Looks great!


really nice ! Can we get them there parts here or do we need Aucklander?


Kylie also blessed me with a set of power folding mirrors which will be a near future project. With this project, I will have to spread the console a little bit. I think I might like to use this additional area to add a 110volt plug. Not sure yet, just kicking around ideas.

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