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FSTB Power Steering Leak


When I put SW9 down due to multiple issues, I transferred the FSTB to the 96MG. I
did my best to insure that it was not resting on the power steering line at the firewall.

I had no issues for over a year. What I failed to realize is that the motor mounts in the 96 were not as "Stout" as Scott's that were in SW9. SW9 has basically solid mounts filled with Scott's urethane mixture.

We all know that the engine "rocks" on the stock mounts. What we may not have known is how much.

After only 18 months or so in the 96 last Saturday, June 29, 2008 I developed a huge splooge pile of power steering fluid in my driveway - this can't be good.

The odor gave it away as tranny fluid, but it wasn't coming from the tranny. It seems the FSTB that I've used for over 5 years didn't like the rocking motion of the 96.
It wore a hole in the top of the line that fell underneath the Bar.

In a desperate move, after pulling the fender well liner, I could see that the tranny fluid used in the Power Steering Resovir was spurting all over the upper and lower portion of the engine compartment, I shouted out to Eric. "Dude, I'm lost. It's coming from everywhere".

Well my first clue should have been that when I had the hood open and ran up the engine I had tranny fluid all over my windshield, but I missed it. I was looking at the undercarriage. BEEP - Wrong.

After a desperate call out to Eric, and 1 and 1/2 quarts of fluid to get to the Midget Garage, and Eric's full inspection, I said "well we won't see it unless we start it and turn the wheel" It became evident.

One puncture wound was all it took.

I fired it up, Eric was standing a safe distance away, ohh I dunno about 1/2 block away, did we realize that there was a puncture on the top of the line, right under the Bar.

45 minutes later with some extreme high pressure fittings that only Eric would have,
was it not only repaired, but re-rerouted. My camera STB and I can't sho you how it was re-routed, but needless to say that bar will never touch the line again.

Eric, using a spring, bent the line so that it now passes under the fuel rail, with a 90 degree bend, and used some super secret high pressure compression fittings to insure that problem would never happen again. The actual splice of line was less then 12 inches.

I hate the smell of burning Tranny fluid - fortunately, I don't have to smell it any more.



splooge                yup a hole        side view            front view

The replumb has worked great. I could tell you what type of pressure fittings were used -

but then I'd have to shoot you!

Thanks E1

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