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Hank Bakker - Cam Failure #1153


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From: Hank Bakker <hank@ikohe.com>
To: Larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Mon, Nov 30, 2009 7:59 pm
Subject: 97 SHO

Hi Larry,
I’ve been impressed  with the two 97 SHO Taurus’ we have in the family and have regularly taken care of their maintenance. I drive a 90, 35 year aniv. super charged T-bird with a stick but appreciate the opportunity to tool around with these SHO’s from time to time.
We are from Sloatsburg NY – One SHO is here, the other just moved to our family in Michigan.
When I was asked if the cams should be welded on these I contacted my local Ford parts guy and he said that they have seldom even heard of anyone that had a problem with the sprocket spinning on the cam and bending intake valves. I recommended to the family that they leave the cars as they are and not waste time & money with welding the cams.
As you could have guessed, one of them spun a sprocket on the front (right) exhaust cam and we are in a bit of trouble. This is the SHHO that is located in New York.
Removing and installing engines, rebuilding whatever needs to be done, reinstalling whatever…… is all possible in our shop but I have a few questions where I would humbly ask for guidance . We are trying to keep the cost reasonable to keep this car in the family ( And away from the car crusher ).
The front (right ) head needs to be removed, the bent intake valves need to be replaced, a replacement cam obtained, both exhaust cams need to have the sprockets welded, reassemble everything. Am I correct this far?
Does it make sense to drop the engine / trans / frame to accomplish this or can it be done in the car?
Can you recommend a supplier for the Head gasket who is fair priced?
Do you know of a reliable welder where I can send the cams?
Is there a procedure written to guide me through this?
Would you help me out with this information?  I really need to start on this quickly but am hesitant to start  before I have at least the head gasket which seems to be a little difficult to locate.
Please Email your thoughts, comments, coaching.
Thanks much,


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