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Joy Jones - Cam Failure #936 & #937

Date 6/27/08

From: Jdoycee@aol.com
To: Larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 12:32 am
Subject: I own a defective SHO

Hi Larry,

I just came across this site. I own a 97 SHO & have experienced two cam failures. There is only 61,000 mi on it. The first time it happened, it was still under warranty, so the repair was totally covered. It's been sitting for over a yr with this second one. I have written to Ford & of course received a polite brush off & skirting around the issue. I feel Ford Motor Co should foot the bill for this repair, since I believe it is a design flaw & that's what I told them. Please let me know what other info you might need from me regarding this.

Joy Jones

Details pending - Buford

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