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Law Suit Update 6/22/08

Date 6/22/08


1. Defendant shall file its supplement to its motion to dismiss by 6/27/08.
2. Plaintiff shall file its response to motion to dismiss by 8/1/08.
3. Defendant shall file its response by 8/26/08.
4. Motion to dismiss set for argument on 9/10/08 at 10:00am.


What in the hell kind of crap is that?  Hand written?  That's so unprofessionally done it's laughable.  And they actually submitted that to the court?  Ford must have missed a payment or something.......

Not surprising.

Often done in courts where the attorneys write up the judge's simple orders and have them signed immediately. They have such forms available right in the court room. Otherwise the one attorney has to go back and write them up, and send them over to the other attorney and make sure they agree with the orders, and then get them signed.


That is totally commonplace in Federal District Court on Motion pleads. Accepted practice in most all jurisdictions. No foul

Larry Eck

Furd has to provide material fact to dispute our position in order to get there dismissal. Absent material fact, and they have lost almost all of these feeble attempts, it's off to the races and maybe finally a trial date.

Larry Eck

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