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Mike Kopstain Cam Failure #1190

new 3/23/010

Well, the front exhaust cam sprocket was very wobbly.

Look at the gap between the sprocket and turning nut - it is visibly crooked. Then look at the picture of the chewed shaft on the back side of the sprocket. I could hear the car from quite a distance.

I re-timed the sprocket, used levers to press it up tight against the turning nut to square it up and add stability by forcing the sprocket up onto some fresh shaft material. Then I welded the bejeezus out of the sprocket and nut.

I needed to get the owner's permission to add him to the list before posting. Sorry to keep you waiting. ;-)

1998 SHO 156,268 miles
 3 - 20 - 2010 date failure noted
 Owner - Mike Kopstain

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