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Ray's 5 Cam Failures - #922-#926

Date 4/28/08, 5/6/08

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From: Midnight Auto Parts <midnightautoparts@speednetllc.com>
To: larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 11:23 pm
Subject: 5 more for the list

here are 5 more confirmed cam failure cars

1) 1996 vin 1FALP64N2TA241350 rear head exhaust cam failed at 98274 miles
2) 1996 vin 1FALP54N7TA254837 front head intake spun and exhaust loose at 81355 miles
3) 1997 vin 1FALP54N6VA159348 rear head exhaust spun at 109874 miles
4) 1998 vin 1FALP54N1WA192076 rear head exhaust spun at 101877 miles (this car also had a front head failure at one time it had valve marks on front pistons.
5) 1999 vin 1FAFP54N0XA277394 Jasper reman pin failure 17k after installation (pic's included)



I just sent Tim five more cam failures reported to me by our good friend Ray, from midnight auto. One of the five was a Jasper reman with pinned cams - that failed. That being said, as far as I know it's only the 2nd reported pinned failure out of however many were pinned. That's an unknown number but Jasper moved a lot of reman's back in the day.

Just kind of interesting, that's all.

Larry Eck

here is another pic of the jasper cam that failed. I first thought the pin had egged out the hole in the tube but after it was out of the head it spun free.


Warning, full size image is 1.22 MB, think before you click.

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