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Rik's Quad Cam Failure - #901, #910, #911 &#912

Date 3/31/08

I  have a good one for you to see. The cams were so far out, they almost spun, I have no idea on how he made the trip here. He said it was making noise for a while, not sure how long that was.  Can we post pictures on here?

Here it is, all 4 were like this. This is the one I could get the clearest picture of. I put it in a attachment to be safe.

Yep, THAT'S a failing sprocket, chewing through the shaft with its splines.


You say ALL FOUR ! ? ! ? :-O

Grand Slam - Is the owner registered as a Quadruple failure yet? If not, may we have permission to register it? Even better if you have pix of all 4 bad at once. Wow. Just WOW.



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