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Scott Knees - Cam Failure #953

Date 9/30/08

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From: Knees, Scott E <Knees.Scott@con-way.com>
To: larry@v8sho.com <larry@v8sho.com>
Sent: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 5:51 pm
Subject: Cam Failure

Hi Larry,

I've just been told my 99 SHO has a cam failure, and the Ford dealership is recommending I replace all the cams. Based on the information on your website this does not sound like the best option. I've asked them to research welding or pinning, and I'm waiting for a response. While I'm waiting, do you know of a shop in Oregon that will perform the quality welding that is required to fix this problem?

Scott Knees

Update 10/4/08

VIN: 1FAFP54N7XA235093
Miles: 87,800

I'm communicating with Lucien Frederick, and he has been very helpful. As of today I believe I have lined up a welder, and hope to get the welding done next week. I'll keep you posted.

I was very lucky to catch it before it killed the engine. I heard a valve noise and brought it in to the dealer who discovered evidence of the sprocket walking on one of the front shafts. The dealer is being very accommodating, and seems to be on board with having a welder come into the shop. The plan is to have a technician work with the welder to handle the engine rotation etc.


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