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Tim B. Cam Failure #920

Date 4/11/08

Talking with a guy locally that's working at a shop that has a cam failed '98 V8 SHO in there.

VIN # 1FAFP54NXWA260049.

He says:

"98 Taurus SHO code po303 cyl 3 miss, no start/stall no compression front half of motor pulled front valve cover found camshaft sprocket broken...

Just the exhaust cam moves, the intake does not. The car will sort of run but it will stall out right away... obviously. Just slight tick when it does run. Don't think valves are hitting piston. Saw Ford had a TSB for gluing the cam sprocket.... a little to late for that"

Any other info needed?

~ Tim B. from "The Troll Bar" ~

- Previous '96 Silver Frost -
(Traded 7/07 for '99 S-351 heart)

4/12/08 update

Glad to help. Additional comments from him:
BLACK... motor is tore down now cyl 3 is coolant washed, cylders 1-4 have vertical scoring marks, cyliner head 5-8 has bent valves. cyl 5-8 has tiny valve imprints on top. and as predicted cam sprocket is no longer adhered to cam now have to wait until an adjuster comes out should be interesting. ...
He's dealing with an aftermarket warranty company.


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