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Todd Vacek - Cam Failure #931

Date 5/16/08

Hello, Id like to be added to the V8SHO.com owners directory.

Todd Vacek, Omaha NE, 1997 Ebony Satin

Id also like to mention I am a victim of the extremely common common cam-failure. The Bank 1 intake cam sprocket spun independently of the cam, causing catastrophic motor failure. I purchased a used engine from a salvage yard in MN and had the cams welded before installing.

Todd Vacek

Good day Larry-

Tim Wright suggested that I send an email and be added to the V8 SHO mailing list. We had a 25 minute conversation about the car and my experience with catastrophic cam failure. I will be sending Tim more information this afternoon on the cam failure including photos, VIN information and mileage. Meanwhile, Im still having a few troubleshooting issues with my vehicle and I truly believe the members of this mailing list can help me solve these problems.

Thank you for your time,


Hello Tim

Id like to put on the record that I am a victim of catastrophic cam failure in my 1997 Ford Taurus SHO.


1997 Ford Taurus SHO, 3.4 V8 DOHC.

Mileage: 110,086 (at time of failure)

Cause: Sprocket on Bank 1, intake cam slipped, causing cam to stop while engine continued to run. This in turn caused severe damage to valves & pistons.

Total expenses for repair:

Replacement used engine (70k) from salvage yard = $700.00

Disassembly of engine & welding of cams = $200.00

Removal of old engine and installation of new, labor @ $50.00/hr = $850.00

Hoist rental= $150.00

Id also like to state that I am a very big fan of FoMoCo, however Im very upset with their decision to produce an engine that has such an obvious defect. Regardless to the amount of vehicles produced, I believe it is Fords responsibility to reimburse those who have suffered through these expensive costs.

My Home contact information is listed below:

Todd A. Vacek

I will supply photos of the cam tomorrow.

Thank you,


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