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AX4N Transaxle External Controls 


Shift Control Linkage

The transaxle shift control linkage consists of the following components:

Shift Interlock System

A brake/shifter interlock system consists of the following:

On floor-shift vehicles, the ignition/shifter interlock cable:

Transmission Control Switch (TCS)

The transmission control switch (TCS) is included with floor-mounted shifter and available on column shifter.

The transmission control switch (TCS) is a momentary contact switch located on the floor shift console, next to the transmission range selector lever. When the switch is pressed, a signal is sent to the powertrain control module (PCM) to allow automatic shifts from first through fourth gears or first through third gears only, locking out fourth gear (OVERDRIVE). The powertrain control module then energizes the transmission control indicator lamp on the instrument cluster to indicate OVERDRIVE OFF.

Shift Control Linkage--Floor Shift

Item Part Number Description
1 7E395 Transmission Shift Cable
2 3F719 Ignition/Shifter Interlock Cable
3 7K004 Transaxle Range Selector Lever and Housing Assembly
4 14489 Data Link Connector
5 N804794-S56 Nut
6 7K499 Transmission Shift Cable Bracket
7 N804804-S100 Bolt
8 N803766-S56 Nut
9 7G004 Main Control Cover
10 N801555-S56 Nut
11 7H181 Shift Actuator Cable Fitting
12 N805138-S2 Screw
13 N806038-S58 Screw
A -- Tighten to 20-26 N-m (15-19 Lb-Ft)
B -- Tighten to 2.0 N-m (17 Lb-In)
C -- Tighten to 8-10 N-m (71-88 Lb-In)

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