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Fuel Filters 

Fuel is filtered at three locations:

In-line | In-tank | Fuel injector inlet


Note: When replacing fuel filter and bases, use the fuel filter and base specified for the engine being serviced.

The in-line fuel filter has the following characteristics:

The fuel filter and base is located at the RH rear frame rail adjacent to the RH front corner of the fuel tank.

Fuel Filter and Lines

Item Part Number Description
1 N623332-S36 U-Nut (2 Req'd)
2 -- Right Rear Frame Rail (Part of Body)
3 9A228 Fuel Tank Vent Tube
4 W701647-S426 Screw
5 9S278 Rear Fuel Supply Return and Vapor Tube
6 9H307 Fuel Pump (FP) Module
7 9002 Fuel Tank
8 N606679-S101 Screw (2 Req'd)
9 9B072 Fuel Filter and Base
10 W701647-S428 Screw
11 9J279 Fuel and Vapor Return Tube
12 -- Pierce Nut (Part of Body)
A -- Tighten to 5-7 N-m (45-61 Lb-In)
B -- Tighten to 9-12 N-m (80-106 Lb-In)



A nylon filter element is mounted on the fuel pump module inside the fuel tank and is used to protect the fuel pump module from fuel tank contaminants. The fuel pump module is snapped into a plastic retainer upon installation


Fuel Injector Screen

A filter screen is located at the top of each injector and is not serviceable. If the injector screen becomes clogged, the complete injector assembly must be replaced.

Fuel Injector

Item Part Number Description
1 -- Fuel Injection Supply Manifold O-Ring Seal (Part of 9F593)
2 -- Coil Terminal Blade (Part of 9F593)
3 -- Washer (Part of 9F593)
4 -- Intake Manifold O-Ring Seal (Part of 9F593)
5 -- End Cap (Part of 9F593)


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