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Winter 2010 Southern Hemisphere V8 SHO Convention

new 7/2/10

Lookie who I scrounged up in New Zealand - Left to right Kaylie, Craig, Eric, Kylie

A genuine 'down under' SHO gathering

"Them is funny looking SHO's, mate"


Easily some of the best folks I've ever met. The hospitality is second to none. I'll miss this place.

-- Eric Lehmann


More details pending

So they have matching cars and their names are Kaylie and Kylie..... alrighty then.

So do the SHO's have Barney interior like the pics we saw so many years ago ????

I would love a RHD SHO.....and for some reason I actually like the Sable like nose.

Rick Glass

Yep. Both cars do.

It is officially called "Aubergine".

Unofficially it's called "Mushroom" and "Eggplant". It's not purple by any stretch in person. It's a darker gray with a hint of redishness. Really a nice color, it would be killer in a Rosemist or Charcoal Gray car.

I combed through the cars quite a bit - they have lots of little fun bits. Power folding mirrors, hand brakes, little blue oval Ford logos on the wheel centercaps, locking doors over the fuel filler caps.

Originally Japanese cars with all Japanese stickers under the hood - yes I got pictures of everything I found and will see to it that all the info makes its way to V8SHO.com.

Both cars are titled as 97's but loaded with 96 only features. Kaylie's car has a build date of 5-96, Kylie's is the oldest V8 SHO I've ever seen - build date 2-96. She also only has the equivalent of ~50,000 miles on it and the car is near immaculate. What a treat to be around both and get to spend 2 days riding around in Kylie's car.


BTW I Just dropped $4.71 USD/Gallon here in New Zealand

Kylie and Jock are two amazing people. I am humbled by their hospitality and love.

Oh yeah, Lar - eat your heart out on the red car.

I'm TRYING to send a file, a video or two, that I just CAN'T get this email host down here to send.

One is Kylie giving a tour of her new kitchen for Tim, one is a ride in Kylie's car across Hamilton, New Zealand to our meeting location.

Don't know what's going wrong, I think there is a file size lock at this end.

I gave up a long time ago on trying to send the Falcon Boss 315 Driving videos. Yeah, that's ME in a FPV modified Falcon pushing 400+ hp. GAWD that thing is sweet! - Eric




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