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First Most Recent Changes (2000- 4/4001)

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Ford Announces Major Recall Ford Announces Major Recall  4/1/01
Special SHO's Now with SHO Frog thanks to Bill Hayward  4/1/01
Owner Testimonials updated 4/3/01 - would you like to contribute?
Misc. Roadtest Road Test new 3/30/01
Detroit News Taurus SHO car ends 10-year run
Star Tribune Road Test new 3/30/01
Cincinnati Enquirer Road Test new 3/30/01
96 Recalls new 3/30/01
97 Recalls new 3/30/01
98 Recalls new 3/30/01
99 Recalls new 3/30/01
psflush Updated Power Steering Flush 3/27/01
Color by Year Colors by Year - updated 3/28/01
Oil Preference What motor oil do V8 SHO owners use? -  updated 3/25/01
Windshield banners  V8sho.com is proud to announce the availability of its own windshield banners
personal code of conduct Some high speed ethics 3/3/01
Successful Speeding Thanks to C&D, the name says it all. 3/3/01
Police Interceptor "What If's" We hear from the opposition! 3/3/01
Diagnostic Trouble Codes for OBD II Now you know what the engine code means 3/3/01
Blower Update Soon and very soon, I shall be released!  3/8/01
No Fear of Flying A SHO record attempt  3/8/01
Swaybar End-Links Fix that squeak, new 3/9/01
Tire Watch Need new rubber?   new 3/12/01
Speedo Error new 3/12/01
High Mile Club Got a few miles on your SHO?  - new 3/12/01
List of TSB's  Start here! 
Body Product Changes TSB 96-26-1
Door Handles TSB 97-15-2
High Idle TSB 00-3-5
Radio, Static while driving TSB 97-18-4
Remote Anti-Theft Personality TSB 97-11-5
Suspension Clunking TSB 97-2-5
Sub Frame Clunk TSB 97-2-3
Suspension Front Squeak 96-3-3
Windnoise at A Pillar TSB 96-3-1
Subframe Retention Nuts TSB 97-25-2
Blower Motor TSB 97-25-5
Door Panels Removal TSB 97-26-3
No Start Fuel Pump TSB 98-25-1
Transaxle Neutral TSB 98-3-7
Transaxle Correct Fluid Usage TSB 98-3-8
Transmission Fluid Usage Chart TSB 98-8-8
Fuel Gage TSB 99-15-1  
Lock Replacement TSB 99-24-2
Windshield Wipers TSB 99-24-3
Passive Anti Theft Diag TSB 99-26-6  Warning Very slow to load! 
Side Door Wind Noise TSB 99-6-5
SHO Changes for 99 TSB 99-7-5
Door Trim Panel TSB 99-8-15
Windnoise at A Pillar TSB 96-14-1  Slow to Load!!!!
Remote Keyless Entry TSB 97-24-13 Slow to Load!!!!
Fuel Gage Issues - TSB 99-2-6
News Flash We are gonna be famous!!!!  ;-)
Oil Choices & Additives On Prolong, Dura-Lube, Slick 50 ect.
Ten Best Tips For Fearless Flying Ten Best Tips For Fearless Flying
Teardown Teardown of V8 SHO with text & photos
98tsb 98 TSBs from alldata
99tsb 99 TSBs from alldata
HS tire pressure Tire Pressure at Holy Cow Speeds
AWA rules Rules Men Wish Their AWA's Knew
V8 engine wt V8 Engine Weight
Acronyms V8 SHO Acronyms - updated 12/10/00
Rear Sway Bar Rear Sway Bars
Battery Change Changing the Battery - "how to"
Oil Change Oil Change - "how to"
SHO TIME AGAIN 1996 The Special Car Journal
Tech #423B Tech Bulletin #423B
ATF Usage Chart ATF Usage Chart
Production Numbers Updated with 98-99 numbers
Viper Oil Fill Cap Tell everyone you use Mobil 1 Oil
Door & Dome Light Problem Problem with Doors & Dome Lights
SHO Club This is it, the real thing, our National Club and Magazine
SHOklahoma 2001 National Convention SHOklahoma July 16-19 in Tulsa
Vendors Add Carbotech Engr. to Venders Page
96 to 99 SHOtimes FAQ Remove 99 Atlanta Convention link from Home page
Shoklahoma more 2001 National Convention SHOklahoma July 16-19 in Tulsa
SHO Club Japan Add "remote" SHO owners Club to list of clubs
Paint Codes Paint codes & official paint names by year
EEC-V Control Systems A little about out rev limiter
Cosworth Casting Process A little about out blocks
Indigo Engine Dear Santa .....
Edmunds Road Test  - new 12/7/00
Special Car Journal Road Test  - new 12/7/00
Auto Channel Road Test  - new 12/7/00
Auto Channel - II Road Test  - new 12/7/00
Mountain Democrat Road Test  - new 12/7/00
Car & Driver II Road Test  - new 12/7/00
Car Guide Road Test  - new 12/7/00
Hard Drive Road Test  - new 12/7/00
Hot Rod Tricks Major update thanks to James W. Gibat-Thoroski & Big Dog  - 12/10/00
Borla Exhaust Update thanks to June H. Han 12/08/00
Expert Advise Should you ever be in this situation  12/08/00
The Ultimate Taurus - 1996 to 1999 SHO Multimedia (wav files) now working 12/8/00
Crash Test Results update from Big Dog  - new 12/10/00
Owner Testimonials update from Big Dog - new 12/10/00
USA Today Road Test - new 12/10/00
Tirekicking Today Road Test - new 12/10/00
Auto Channel III Road Test - new 12/10/00
Orlando Sentinel Road Test - new 12/10/00
Associated Press Road Test - new 12/10/00
SHOklahoma Latest news on our national convention 12/10/00
Tire Speed Ratings new 12/10/00
Battery Relocation new 12/10/00
96 NADA new 12/10/00
97 NADA new 12/10/00
98 NADA new 12/10/00
99 NADA new 12/10/00
Used SHOs new 12/10/00
Fuel Tank Capacity updated 12/15/00
High Idle - TSB new 12/10/00
Bendix Titanium Metallic Brake Pads new 12/10/00
A Grazing Mace new 12/11/00
Miss Diagnosis new 12/11/00
Stuck Throttle Solutions new 12/11/00
Midas Pro Series new 12/11/00
PCM Calibration new 12/12/00
Cracked Valve Stem new 12/12/00
Headlight Polishing new 12/12/00
Euro SHO new 12/12/00
Chip Controlled Break In new 12/12/00
Under Hood Temps new 12/12/00
Center Console Removal new 12/12/00
Gage Install new 12/12/00
Coolant Flush new 12/12/00
TSB on 99 De-content new 12/12/00
PS flush Power Steering Flush - "how to" - updated 12/12/00
Front End Clunk updated  12/19/00
Vendors  Update - add Hunnicutt Ford (Lewis Clay) 12/12/00
97 TSB  Decontent Changes new 12/13/00
Headlight Switch Removal new 12/13/00
Fuel Filter new 12/13/00 - How to change
Carbotech Brake Pad Carbotech Brakes pads updated 12/19/00
Helms Grazing new 12/19/00
Starter Specs new 12/19/00
Fuel Tank Capacity new 12/19/00
Our Tires Tire reviews by SHO Owners updated 12/20/00
Warp Drive on Auto Pilot new 12/20/00
CarboTech Tour work in progress - 12/20/00
Special SHO's updated 12/23/00
B&M ATF Cooler new 12/23/00
Sway Bar Bushings updated 12/27/00
Color by Year Colors by Year updated 12/28/00
Oil Preference What motor oil do V8 SHO owners use? -  updated 12/24/00
PGH rules Pittsburgh Driving rules
  updated Oil Analysis Excel sheet and Tire Excel File (save as) 
Oil Filters Oil filters
Gen 3 UDP Underdrive Pulley update 
April 1st A little April 1st fun 
New Colors for better printing After having a few requests we have updated the color scheme for easier printing.  Hope you like it.
Tire mounting Tire Mounting Dots 
R&T Road & Track Road Test
Vector Performance Motor Trend Road Test of Modified SHO
Save $$$ Save Valuable Money - on Gas Octane
Now (SHO)ing Vadim's car in M&FF 
C&D Car & Driver Road Test
Spotters Guide V8 SHO Spotters Guide - thanks to SHO Jim
Lexicon Buford T Justice Lexicon - for all occasions
Battery Battery Replacement Options
Chip code PCM Chip Codes
nhtsa NHTSA Complaints Summary for all Taurus by Year
Fastest V8SHOs? We have added a new section for fastest quarter-mile times
Get Porterized Oh go Porterize your own bad self!  Actually a great mod for $10.
Level Ten Nears Completion for GEN III chip Pat at Level Ten is working with one of the V8SHO owners (T. Boyle) on a chip for the GEN III SHO.  Pat hopes to get at lease 20 REAL HP out of the car.  He is even optimistic about 30!!!  We are waiting with bated breath with our Visa's burning a hole in our pockets...
Vadim and the SHO SHOP asks for blower orders Read more how you can pre-order your blower kit and it's specs here
V8SHO.com is online again After a brief stint of bad luck for us we have secured a new ISP and are once again online and offering new features...like webmail and more to come.
V8SHO.com names co-editors Mike Holhut will once again return to the helm as a co-editor along with long time V8SHO.com friend Tim Wright.  We welcome them both to our team and are excited about he renewed forward progress.

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