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DRL Price Update new 6/01/01
But Did He Drive a SHO? new 6/01/01
Get Rust Before It Gets Your SHO new 6/4/01
Level 10 Mods for SHO ATX Just passing along the info, don't know if it will work for us, new 6/8/01
Front Strut Tower Brace new 6/8/01
Limited Slip Differential new 6/8/01
Spoiler Waxing when waxing under the hood, trunk and door jams ain't enough  - new 6/8/01
Spark Plug Choice new 6/9/01
Cure For Depression new 6/9/01
18x8 Rims on a SHO new 6/13/01
Reset Idle new 6/13/01
Spark Plug Change new 6/15/01
Adjust Your Brakes! new 6/15/01
Headlight Differences new 6/15/01
Taurus SVT Survey new 6/16/01
Brake Pad Part Numbers new 6/16/01
Owners Manual owners manual in PDF format for 98 SHO.  - new 6/17/01
B&M ATF Cooler added PDF instruction from B&M  -  updated 6/18/01
Increasing Drivers Legroom now with photo & updated 6/18/01
Cell Phone Mount  new 6/18/01
Scanner Mount  new 6/18/01
NE Get Together new 6/18/01
Replacement CD Unit new 6/19/01
Transmission Poll updated 6/19/01
Sounds and Movies po' lice radio recording of "Who Dat" out runnin' da radio  - repaired link 6/19/01
Pages of How-to's Links to Al Primm's pages of "how to's"
Level Ten Chip & ATX Mods new 6/20/01
Big Dog's Real Police Interceptor new 6/21/01
Owner's Directory updated every day, added 75 owners so far this month,  now up to 341 Gen 3 owners
High  Idle Have a high idle problem?  new 5/01/01
Gen 3 UDP New helpful hints on installation - updated 5/1/01
SARC Strut Replacement Includes part numbers - new  5/1/01
police interceptor updated 5/1/01
Owner's Directory Updated 5/4/01.  Added a quick-find feature and over a dozen more owners to the directory.
SHOCLUB Long article on SHO oiling systems and SHO oil filter comparison  -  new 5/7/01
Cooling Fan Override Switch Thanks Mac - new 5/7/01
Join the Fun  new 5/7/01
Stuck Throttle Solutions updated 5/7/01
Vendors and Organizations Updated FPS phone number (Doug Lewis)  5/8/01
Removing Door Speakers New 5/8/01
Trailer Hitch New 5/8/01
ourtires Updated 5/8/01
V8 SHO Autocross Comparison Stock Vs. Modified - which mods kick butt?  - new 5/8/01
Dealer Feedback Page How is your dealer treating you?  - updated  5/8/01
Raybestos Brute Force new 5/8/01
Air Pump Replacement New 5/8/01
SHO vs. Stealth Comments from a man who owns one of each - updated  5/9/01
All Aluminum SHO like a 700kg lighter SHO? - updated 5/11/01
Help we don't need New 5/12/01
Daytime Running Lights - Diag New 5/12/01
Blower Update updated 5/15/01
V8 Cams Want a little more lift in your life?  new 5/18/01  AWA said ask for more duration too.
TN_Dealer_Feedback Ain't all southern hospitality, new 5/19/01
Color by Year Colors by Year - updated 5/18/01
Pollen Air Filter now with part numbers - updated 5/19/01
Spindles  new 5/19/01
Half-Shafts  new 5/19/01
SARC Struts  new 5/19/01
Slotted Rotors new 5/19/01
Transaxle Cooler Lines new 5/19/01
Increasing Drivers Legroom new 5/19/01
Vendors and Organizations Link to CINCYSHO & Ford Parts Network cross linked  5/19/01
Scanner Mount new 5/19/01
Special SHO's added Rav's side turn signal 5/19/01
Console Latch new 5/20/01
Keyfob Remote new 5/20/01
Trans-Go Shift Kit Discussion updated 5/21/01
oil preference updated 5/23/01
Owner's Directory updated 5/23/01 with 62 new owners!
Cheap Stiffer Spring Upgrade Cheap suspension upgrade for those with SARC - new 5/24/01
Color by Year updated 5/24/01
No Fear of Flying U P D A T E - Ransom T. Holbrook opens up a major case of SHO Whoop Ass,  You da man Ransom!!!!!   5/30/01
Transmission Poll How long does the AX4N last in a SHO?  - new 5/31/01
High Mile Club updated 5/31/01
Mystery Transmission Sticker New 5/31/01
Our V8SHO Screen Saver  Monster download of our cars  - new 5/31/01
Ford Announces Major Recall Ford Announces Major Recall  4/1/01
Special SHO's Now with SHO Frog thanks to Bill Hayward  4/1/01
Owner Testimonials updated 4/3/01 - would you like to contribute?
SHO_Roads Sent your contributions to Buford  - 4/17/01
Ron's Drag Tips Thanks Ron! - new 4/17/01
Oil Preference What motor oil do V8 SHO owners use? -  updated 4/18/01
Automotive Industries Great   no mo O's - soft suspension and less HP -  new 4/17/01
American Metal Market Weighs more and cheaper to build - 4/17/01
Marauder Merc brings back the beast  4/18/01
Robin Attack Wildlife abusing our SHOs - 4/20/01
High Mile Club updated 4/30/01 do you have more than 60,000?
Tire Fitment II W I D E rims for your SHO?  New 4/19/01
Brake Fluid Thanks to Ron Porter & Dave Zeckhausen. New 4/19/01
Brake Fluid: A Hot Topic By Larry Carley - New 4/19/01
News Flash updates on June 2001 MM&FF 4/20/01
No Fear of Flying A SHO gets a Land World Speed record!!  (see also www.shoclub.com) 4/20/01
PCM Info What a find! new 4/22/01
Lug Nuts SHO Lug Nutz - what else?  New 4/22/01
Used SHOs updated 4/24/01
Gen 3 UDP  updated 4/30/01
The Generation 3 Sub List once was a "sublist" now it is a listserver, updated 4/30/01
Special SHO's details of "blower install" 4/30/01
Popular Mechanics new 4/30/01
All Aluminum SHO like a 700kg lighter SHO? - new 4/30/01
Transmission Poll new 5/15/01
Misc. Roadtest Road Test new 3/30/01
Detroit News Taurus SHO car ends 10-year run
Star Tribune Road Test new 3/30/01
Cincinnati Enquirer Road Test new 3/30/01
96 Recalls new 3/30/01
97 Recalls new 3/30/01
98 Recalls new 3/30/01
99 Recalls new 3/30/01
psflush Updated Power Steering Flush 3/27/01
Color by Year Colors by Year - updated 3/28/01
Oil Preference What motor oil do V8 SHO owners use? -  updated 3/25/01
Windshield banners  V8sho.com is proud to announce the availability of its own windshield banners
personal code of conduct Some high speed ethics 3/3/01
Successful Speeding Thanks to C&D, the name says it all. 3/3/01
Police Interceptor "What If's" We hear from the opposition! 3/3/01
Diagnostic Trouble Codes for OBD II (SAE J2012) Now you know what the engine code means 3/3/01
Blower Update Soon and very soon, I shall be released!  3/8/01
No Fear of Flying A SHO record attempt  3/8/01
Swaybar End-Links Fix that squeak, new 3/9/01
Tire Watch Need new rubber?   new 3/12/01
Speedo Error new 3/12/01
High Mile Club Got a few miles on your SHO?  - new 3/12/01
List of TSB's  Start here! 
Body Product Changes TSB 96-26-1
Door Handles TSB 97-15-2
High Idle TSB 00-3-5
Radio, Static while driving TSB 97-18-4
Remote Anti-Theft Personality TSB 97-11-5
Suspension Clunking TSB 97-2-5
Sub Frame Clunk TSB 97-2-3
Suspension Front Squeak 96-3-3
Windnoise at A Pillar TSB 96-3-1
Subframe Retention Nuts TSB 97-25-2
Blower Motor TSB 97-25-5
Door Panels Removal TSB 97-26-3
No Start Fuel Pump TSB 98-25-1
Transaxle Neutral TSB 98-3-7
Transaxle Correct Fluid Usage TSB 98-3-8
Transmission Fluid Usage Chart TSB 98-8-8
Fuel Gage TSB 99-15-1
Lock Replacement TSB 99-24-2
Windshield Wipers TSB 99-24-3
Passive Anti Theft Diag TSB 99-26-6  Warning Very slow to load! 
Side Door Wind Noise TSB 99-6-5
SHO Changes for 99 TSB 99-7-5
Door Trim Panel TSB 99-8-15
Windnoise at A Pillar TSB 96-14-1  Slow to Load!!!!
Remote Keyless Entry TSB 97-24-13 Slow to Load!!!!
Fuel Gage Issues - TSB 99-2-6
News Flash We are gonna be famous!!!!  ;-)

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