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Thanks to Paul Nimz

It does change pitch if the wheel is turned. This has been slowly getting louder the last 2k miles. I've already bought the hub and bearing assemblies for both sides. Tried to get the ball joint out of the right side and gave up. I know a special tool is necessary. Glen Murdock suggested new spindles too as installation would be a lot easier it seems.

I checked on the price of two SHO spindles and two 2000 SLO spindles which can be interchanged I'm told if done in pairs.

YF1Z 3K185-AA RH spindle $ 220.99
YF1Z 3K186-AA LH spindle $ 179.99

F6DZ 3K185-A RH spindle $ 243.99
F6DZ 3K186-A LH spindle $ 243.99

I would like to find out before I cannot return the hubs. Tomorrow I'll check the CV boot on that side.

Paul Nimz

'97 TR

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