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Specifications, History, and Other Stuff

This page references a variety of general information about the SHO in an attempt to help you learn more about your car.  Also listed is some very general information that just can't be categorized.  Actual procedures for removal and installation of OEM equipment and other maintenance information is listed on the Care and Feeding page.
Systems Anti-Lock Braking System   
AutoLock Feature  
Diagnostic Trouble Codes  
Electronic Ignition Control  
Fuel System Description  
Intake Air System  
Smart Locks Feature  
Remote Lock Transmitters 
Helms Grazing  
VIN Decoder

How To Tell SHO By VIN
Road Tests  Owner Testimonials  
Motor Trend May 1995 First Look new 5/24/08
Road & Track road test 
Now (SHO)ing Vadim's  Gen 3 
Car & Driver Road Test 
Special Car Journal
Auto Channel
Auto Channel - II  
Mountain Democrat  
Car & Driver II  
Car Guide  
Hard Drive 
USA Today
Tirekicking Today  
Auto Channel III 
Orlando Sentinel
Associated Press  
Vector Performance
Cincinnati Enquirer  
Detroit News 
Star Tribune 
Misc. Roadtest 
Automotive Industries 
American Metal Market  
Popular Mechanics   
All Aluminum SHO  
Police Interceptor "What If's" 
Motor Trend Online Pre-Owned Buyer's Guide
Historical Review of 96-99 Taurus
Advise on SHO Generations  2/11/6
The Lost V-8 SHO A Review of Period Spy Photos 2005.12.11
Ryan's "Bring Back the SHO" Radio Interview new 3/15/07




















Owners Manuals

Revised SHO Production Numbers new 4/13/05
General specifications 1996 - 1999 
Interior/Exterior Colors and Options 
V8 SHO Spotters Guide  
97 TSB  Discontent Changes  
TSB on 99 De-content 
The Big List Of Specifications
Euro SHO  
Color by Year  
Paint Codes - and official paint names by year 
NHTSA Complaints Summary for all Taurus by Year  
Crash Test Results update from Big Dog 
Fuel Tank Capacity  
Starter Specs 
Warp Drive on Auto Pilot
Speedo Error  
SHO Spring Codes new 10/04/02
SHO Census   updated 11/01
Gen 3 SHO Census - Part 2   new 2/10/03
V8 SHO Engine Teardown - Part 2
Frontal Area Calculations & Cd new 4/11/04
Top Speed Calcs new 4/11/04
Torque Specs for Head Bolts
Factory Cam Performance Specs
Paint Codes 
Chip Codes by Year   new 11/04/04
Rod Bearings
SHO Sample Build Sheet
Butterflies Dyno Results 1/6/05
ATX Weight
Ford CD's
Gen3CalData.pdf   9/27/06
Gen 3 PCM Chips  9/27/06
V8 Prototype Intake Patent



1996 Taurus Owner Guide.pdf  2/10/05
1997 Taurus Owner Guide.pdf  2/10/05
1998 Taurus Owner Guide.pdf  2/10/05
1997 Taurus Owner Guide.pdf  2/10/05
1998 audio guide -- group 2.pdf
1998 ford customer assistance guide.pdf
1998 ford service guide.pdf
1998 SHO Owners Manual in PDF Format

Ford Sales
1996 SHO The Ultimate Taurus Sales Brochure
1996 Taurus SHO Brochure
1997 Taurus Brochure - SHO Extract
1998 Taurus Sales Brochure - SHO Extract
1999 Taurus Sales Brochure - SHO Extract
Brochure Trends
Used SHOs 96 NADA 
98 NADA 
99 NADA 
Used SHOs
  A online guide to shopping for a used SHO
General Info. General 
What is an S-H-O? 
"The Ultimate Taurus."  
Prospect for an SVT SHO 
Dyno Results 
SHOWagons new 3/16/05
Recall - Does your Car Have One

Door Label Codesnew 03/11/2006

Wikipedia - Ford Yamaha V8 Engine  8/26/06

Track Events 
Drag Tips and Stats 
The Gen 3 SHO at Road Atlanta  
Ron's Drag Tips 
Production numbers  
Change history
High Mile Club  
Enthusiast Clubs 
SHO CLUB - link to our National Club 
SHO CLUB  - Application for 
New Mexico SHO Club
Mid-Atlantic SHO Club 
NorthEast  SHO Club (New England) 
Lone Star SHO Club (Texas) 
OklaSHO (Oklahoma) 
Liberty SHO Club (Philadelphia) 
SoCal (Southern California A.K.A. the SHO SHOP) 
RMSHOC (Rocky Mountain SHO Club) 
BaySHO (San Francisco Bay Area) 
Peachtree Chapter of SHO Registry (Georgia) 
Sunshine SHO Club (Florida) 
Colorado SHO Club

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