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V8 Engine Weight

updated 4/7/04, 4/11/04

Thanks to James W. Gibat-Thoroski

Upper Intake : 17 pounds


Lower Intake : 5 pounds (it's in 2 pieces, not 1 piece like I thought)


Fuel Rail w/ Injectors : 2 pounds


A/C compressor : 11 pounds


P/S pump : 3 pounds


P/S pump bracket : < 1 pound


IMRC : 12 pounds


Water pump assembly complete : 13 pounds


Complete wiring : 15 pounds


Alternator Bracket : 7 pounds.


Exhaust manifolds : 11 pounds each.


Heat shields : 1 pound for both


Complete Aluminum Head : 48 pounds each


Valve Cover : 5 pounds each


Short Block




Bare block, no crank or pistons, including girdle is 102 lbs according to Carter Fuji and Fex Ex, that is 73 lbs less than a complete short block.

107 pounds with girdle according to the scales at FedEx (including 5 for the box).

Carter Fuji

Each complete V8 head is 48 lbs, or 31.16 lbs stripped (but with valve seats)

So one set of V8 cams, valves, springs, valve keepers and sparkplugs (?) weigh 48-31.16 = 16.84#

I weighed the heads my self on a very accurate UPS scale to 1/100 lbs.

The bare V6 SHO head with valve seats weighs exactly 25.00 Lbs. I don't have the complete weight for v6 heads.

James W. Gibat-Thoroski weighed the V8 heads to the pound, not 1/100 lbs so the est. weight of head components is close but may not be exact.

Bare V8 heads are longer, wider and I assume weigh more than the v6 heads but may weigh the same complete because of the wonderful V8 hollow cams.

If you examine both sets of heads at length the V8 heads show much more lightening. In the V6 heads the design concept starts with a solid chunk of AL and room is made for ports and passages.

In contrast with the V8 it is as if they had the ports and passages designed and just connected the essentials. Inside the water passages are thin strengthening ribs. It is as if they had the design down to a thin lightweight minimum then using finite element analysis they added back in the ribs where required.

The ports on the V6 look like an old fashion head with 4 windows on the side of a slab.

The V8 ports are much longer in the head, but stick out like legs of a big bug under a small boot, showing a lot of "missing" head due to lightening.

Part 2 of my opus work on SHO head is due soon from SHOCLUB very soon. I think Don is almost done done with this issue.

Part 1 was mostly intro, this next part should have more cross section photos showing the internal ribbing.

Photos are great, but to pick up and look at the cross sections is even better.

You know Don always has lots of excess room in his trunk at conventions, he might take the cross sections to CA if we ask nice?


Gen 1-2 MTX ~ 125#

V8 SHO Crank ~ 45#

V6 SHO Crank 41.5#

see also ATX Weight for transmission weight.

The Gen 3 hood with latch, insulation and no hinges weighs 51.5 lbs.

Paul Nimz

see also  AX4N Weight


Nimz just posted this on the TCCA a couple days ago:

These are some actual weights I got off my engine when I installed the new block.

Engine Weight Lbs.

Block, crank & pistons 160.0
Oil pan 8.5
Chain cover 6.5
Water pump, pipes & hoses 9.0
Rear ex. manifold 11.0
Rear head 29.5
Front ex. manifold 11.0
Front head 29.5
LIM, injectors and fuel rail 11.5
Rear valve cover 5.5
Front valve cover 5.5
Surge tank and attached runners 16.5
LIM runners 5.5
Oil cooler, oil pump pickup, crank windage tray, oil separator 6.0
Rear cams caps & buckets 12.5
Front cams caps & buckets 13.0
Bolts, timing chains, tensioners and misc 15.0
Head bolts 4.5

Total 360.5

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