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Repair Manuals


Chilton makes a manual for the 96 - 99 Taurus and it includes the SHO.  It actually is pretty good and has a lot of good information.  Only costs about $29.  The part number is: 26702.  Available at http://www.carparts.com.


$16.95 list price, apx. 

Not SHO specific, simply Taurus information. 


Official Ford Motor Company shop manuals and wiring diagrams. 

Published by Helm Publications.  The full manual is a bit (okay, a lot) expensive, and you don't get the addenda that the dealers do, but they're a good way to check whether your mechanic knows the SHO.  The shop manual is sufficient for a complete tear down and rebuild of the car but makes a lot of references to special tools and equipment available only to Ford dealers, and the do-it-yourself maintenance guide, which doesn't cover all I'd like but is thorough on those bits it does cover (oil changes, general inspection, etc.) 

Owner's manuals

I've seen a few messages posted by folks buying used GEN III SHO's and needing owners manuals.  One way to get one is to register on the Ford Owners Connection web site.  Once your registered, send them an e-mail and tell them what type of manual you need and they will e-mail you the phone number (usually toll free) of the department to call.   I needed one for my car phone so I sent them an e-mail stating so.  They sent me the number to call and told me it would cost 8 dollars.   When I called they said "no charge" and sent it to me for free...  I didn't even have to pay for shipping.  They will even call your dealership if you notify them of problems your having with them.  It is a pretty good service Ford has for their customers.

Ford specific tuning and performance

Probst, Charles. "How to Understand, Service and Modify Ford Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Control." Cambridge, MA: Robert Bentley Inc. (Stock No. GFF9), 1993. $29.95 list price. ISBN 0-8376-0301-3

General books on performance and handling

By Herb Adams.
Los Angeles: HP Books, 1993, $14.95 list price ($19.95 CDN)
ISBN 1-55788-055-7
Good text on chassis and suspension design by the chassis engineer of the original Pontiac Trans Am.  Mostly race-oriented, but information is equally applicable to street cars.  Includes tools and techniques for doing your own wheel alignment.

"Performance Handling: How to Make Your Car Handle."
By Don Alexander. Osceola, WI: Motorbooks International, 1991.
ISBN 0-87938-418-2
How-to book on suspension, wheels, and tires, with lots of examples (including a Shogun).


I find it difficult to recommend any hot -rodding magazines in general. I believe that the dependence of these magazines on paid advertising for their existence influences their articles and reviews to the consumer's detriment; in addition, the SHO's relative rarity means that articles are few and far between. That being said, Super Ford seems to have the best coverage of the SHO in addition to being more literate and entertaining than the norm for hot -rodding magazines, although 95% of it covers V8's and rear drive. Some recent articles on 302 and 351 modifications have been quite well written and objective IMO, and they're paying more attention to the SHO recently. Past articles include:

Super Ford back issues are available from:

Taylor's Reader Services
P.O. Box 624, Dept. SF
Douglas, GA 31533

Orders (800) 883-4561
Info & Questions (912) 384-4780

Other magazine articles about the SHO include :

Car and Driver

Road & Track

Motor Trend

Popular Science (it IS a high tech engine, after all!)



Hot Rod Magazine

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