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Euro SHO 

I have pictures of a European model from the original v8sho site. I can forward them but I have no other details. But I might have the name of the guy and maybe his email address who owns(ed) it.

Bruce Strachan's 1996 Silver Frost, U.K. edition:

These pictures show the differences.

Front facia, folding mirrors, headlights and so on...

Hope this helps,

Mike T. Ivy


96bruces.jpg (139281 bytes)

bruce1.jpg (139281 bytes)

bruce2.jpg (96407 bytes)

bruce3.jpg (49762 bytes)

eurodoor.jpg (92044 bytes)

euromirror.jpg (105082 bytes)

139 k


96 k

49 k

92 k

105 k

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