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What is a SHO?

"SHO" stands for Super High Output.  It is Ford's mis-marketed sport sedan on the Taurus platform.

Several people have also pointed out that SHO in Japanese means "victory".  Since the engine was designed in Japan by Yamaha..........

The 96 - 99 SHO is equipped with a 235HP 32 valve V-8 manufactured for Ford by Yamaha, a unique handling suspension, better seats, and unique exterior trim. The regular Taurus and the SHO are as different as night and day, unlike most "family" cars with sporty versions. The SHO, though it no longer has the commanding lead in the sports sedan market that it did in the late eighties/early ninties, is still one of the most remarkable cars for the price available anywhere.
Why do we like them:  Stealth, speed, performance, handling, comfort, and that wonderful V8 sound!!!!

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