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Road Atlanta in a '96 SHO


Ever wonder how a 96 SHO would do at Road Atlanta?  David H. gives a brief review:

The Track:
Almost the whole track at Road Atlanta is one continuous elevation change.  Turns 1 and 2 are uphill, 2 to 3 is somewhat flat, 3 to 4 is downhill, 4 to 5 is back uphill, 5 to 6 is the first passing area and is flat and long.  I have reached speeds of 80 in my SHO here.  Turn 6 can be taken at high speed, 60 to 80 depending on driver skill.  Turn 7 is hard-on-the-brakes 30 to 40 mph turn.  We've never used turn 8 any time that I've been on the track.  That's for the cars that can reach 200 mph in an attempt to slow them down.  The back straight is the second passing zone and is essentially a straight line.  Going into turn 10 you head down into the dip.  The SHO can reach speeds of 120 here depending on what kind of jump you got out of turn 7.  Hard on the brakes going back uphill to turn 11.  Turn 11 is somewhat blind coming from under the bridge.  You aim for the right side and let your speed carry you to the left.  Heading to turn 12 is all downhill and I've always kept the car in 4th gear and matted through this turn and onto the front straight.  This is the third place to pass.

The Map:

Thanks to Road Atlanta for this map!
The run: Four 30 minutes sessions, with OD *off* A consistent 123 (indicated) in the *dip* (before turn 11)
The observations: Brakes held up fairly well, but I didn't abuse them (well, not every turn on every lap). Chassis could easily handle another 40-50hp IMHO. Tires took a little beating, slight chunking, but I only rotated them once. An extremely balanced automobile, very easy to be the same, lap after lap. Never ran hot, temp was 86 degrees, sunny. 10 mpg during the event!

Final conclusion:
"I surprised more than one fellow driver with my grocery getter!"


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* From the original Gen 3 website, courtesy of Bill Moore, aka Big Dog