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SHOtimes-L Mailing List and Archives

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American University SHOtimes is a mailing list exclusively for enthusiasts of the Ford Taurus SHO. Discussion of any SHO-related topic is welcome. SHOtimes is hosted by American University

Current information on the SHOtimes list (such as membership size) can be found via Catalist, along with current information on the american.edu server.

Controlling your subscription

The following table shows a cross-reference of subscription actions and commands that can be sent to SHOtimes' list server (listserv@american.edu) to perform those actions. Simply compose an e-mail addressed to the list server with the command(s) that you wish to send as the body of the message. Multiple commands may be sent in a single message. No subject line is necessary. 
Action/Command Reference Table
Action Command
convert to digest
convert from digest
get help

Interacting with the SHOTIMES Mailing List

To submit an article to be redistributed on the list, send your e-mail message to SHOTIMES-L@american.edu. It will be distributed immediately if you are a list subscriber.

What to do if you have trouble with the mailing list

If you have a problem of any type with the list, please do not send messages to the list asking about it. The several hundred people on the list don't want to hear that you're not getting messages, you're changing addresses, you want to SUBSCRIBE or SIGNOFF, etc. 

If you have a problem with the list and can't resolve it by sending commands to listserv@american.edu (for example, a message with "CONFIRM SHOTIMES-L" in the body addressed to the listserv would let you know if you were subscribed or not, without ANY human intervention) then please send it to the list administrators (shotimes-l-request@american.edu). Flooding the list with requests for help does nothing but increase list traffic. 

If people are compaining about your messages on the list having extra garbage in them, read Fixing your mail software to work with shotimes-l.

Mailing list archives

Listserv Archives

It's highly encouraged that you check the archives before posting a question to the list to see to see if a subject has already been discussed.  You have a couple of options for archives : 


ListQuest is the preferred way to search the SHOtimes-l archives.  They have a good search engine with plenty of options, and they were also kind enough to import all the previously available archives.  This currently is the most complete set of archives available for SHOtimes. 

American University 

has an archive online at the "home" of the mailing list.  The site has a wonderful search engine available that can be configured to find just about anything you want. The length of time messages are kept may vary depending on AU's storage capacities.  The webserver at american.edu seems to offline often as well, so don't be too suprised if the below link does not respond. 

To access the SHOtimes list archives via american.edu's server, just browse to 


Various tidbits from SHOtimes

Various acronyms used on SHOtimes 


SHOtimes "Gems"

are the musings from the inhabitants of the SHOtimes-l mailing list on various topics. 

Top Ten Commandments from Jeff Needles 
Another SHO buying tip from Kyle Lehman 
Ford Marketing Practices from Ron Steinbach 
How to beat a Z28 from Kyle Lehman 
The "I'm a real man" fiasco a collective work of SHOtimes. 
Parts Debacle from Kyle Lehman.

David Bonds / dbonds@c-edge.com