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Torque Specs for Head Bolts


I need to know if anyone can tell me the torque specs for the head bolts.I'm about to put the head on my car and haven't found it on the v8sho search engine when I put it in nor did I see it on the big list of specifications on the site either. This info is much needed. Thanks


97' white


New bolts every time.
Step 1 torque to 20-23 ft-lbs starting #1 bolt.. {middle of head in on intake side} #2 bolt straight across. #3 one left of #1, #4 one right of #2 and so on.

Step 2 turn and addition 85-95 degrees.



Also supposed to replace the head bolt washers by the way.

Carter Fuji


I know this is recommended, but so is Loctite. I have replaced the washers because one is supposed to but I DO take exception to this one. If the faces of the washers are not gaulled up or rusted then I see no reason to replace them. It is, IMHO, simply foolish to believe that 22# of torque + 1/4 turn on those relatively skinny bolts is capable of crushing those washers in any way.
I hate being nickle and dimed like a fool.

Eric Lehmann

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