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Ryan's "Bring Back the SHO" Radio Interview

New 3/15/07

Our own Ryan Pasch did a great job on Maxim Radio promoting "Bring Back the SHO". 


Ryan just finished his interview on Sirius 108.

He did a great job!

Don Mallinson

Hope somebody got it recorded. They block satellite radio IP's here at work.

Carter Fuji

I was quite nervous when the interview first started but after the first couple of "yes" answers I think it started to flow. ;)

I hope I did ok for the SHO community, before the interview I took a bunch of notes thinking, what am I going to say for 15-20 minutes?

After the interview started it seemed to end so fast I didn't even get to mention some things that I had on that list. :0

Jon, thanks for making that recording!

Anyway back to your regular scheduled program :)

Ryan J Pasch

He said it had a V8 and an automatic, but when one of the hosts asked about the 5-speed with the V8, Ryan did accidentally say "4-speed manual" instead of automatic. No big deal, it was clear what he meant.

Regards, Jon Heese

Awesome job, Ryan.

Here's a link to the recording of the whole interview, for those who missed it:


Jon Heese

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