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SHO Roads

Know of any fun roads with light traffic? Send us a note with your field report.



State Route 50, WV Distance 74 miles - 4 lane between Clarksburg WV and Parkersburg WV. A nice low traffic 4 lane with constant grade changes and lots of non-stop curves. This road almost requires driving groves. The steering wheel and suspension is in constant motion.


I 79 between Fairmont WV and Morgantown WV. Distance 12 miles - Speed limit here is 65 mph, but traffic moves at 80-85. Lots of high speed sweepers.


I 68 between Morgantown WV and Hancock MD - distance 111 miles This is the adult roller coaster. It is not my favorite bad weather road. Road has constant high-speed sweepers combined with great big hills. This is one of few interstates that exceeds federal grade limits. Expect breath-taking vistas. Coopers Rock State Park is a great spot to picnic, and let your horses rest. I once followed 2 MD bears from the Cumberland MD line to Hancock at over 100 mph while they talked about cheating on their wives over the scanner.


Blue Ridge Parkway Staunton VA to Cherokee NC - Distance 469 miles From http://www.nps.gov/blri/ 

Operating Hours, Seasons

Visitor Centers, campgrounds, and picnic areas are generally opened from May - October, with one campground in each state open year round. During extreme weather conditions, sections of the motor road may be closed for short or extended durations. The Peaks of Otter Lodge at Milepost 86 is open year-round and other concession facilities are seasonal.

Getting There

CAR - The motor road is marked every mile by concrete mileposts beginning at MP 0 near Shenandoah NP and ending at MP 469 at Great Smoky Mountain NP. The winding nature of the road may make it difficult for large recreational vehicles, but all personal vehicles, motorcycles, tour buses and bicycles are allowed. No commercial traffic is permitted!

Weather & Climate

The Parkway ranges from 650 feet above sea level to over 6,000 feet, so expect rapidly changing weather conditions. The weather is generally mild, but summertime temperatures can reach the 90's and winter can produce extended periods with single digit temperatures, ice, wind, and snow.

Posted mostly 35-40 mph. Traffic mostly creeps because of the view. Nothing slower than retirees in motor homes on scenic mountain roads. After their bed time however you can have some fun sans the scenic vista stuff. Beware of folks on bicycles and the wild life.

Hog Hollow Rd East St Louis near Arrowhead Airport - Distance 2.1 miles 

When going to lunch on Thursday, my new work buddy asks " so,...you run your SHO on Hog Hollow??"

I said no.....Where is it?

He showed me.

74 degrees, sunny and completely dry.



Holy shit!!

2.1 miles from end to end. No curves, completely flat, and hardly any traffic and no cops! You could see from one end to the other.

So, I closed the sunroof, and the windows. got out and checked my tires.

All is good........

I buried the speedometer. and held it there for 5 seconds.

With the whole accuracy thing I have no idea how fast I was actually going but I was at 5 grand on the Tach in 4th gear.

I had plenty of room to get to top speed and then to slow down. IT WAS AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! and I guess.....safe! It was like your first ride on a roller coaster.

Come to Missouri and I will show you. It is a blast.

God, I hope Creve Coeur Police don't read this email. It is in there jurisdiction!!!

I will have to change my name.

R. Moore
99 SHO Black

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