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Smart Locks 

The Smart Lock feature helps prevent the driver from locking the keys in the vehicle and functions as follows:

With the key in ignition switch, in any ignition switch position, and driver or passenger door open, the doors cannot be locked using the driver or passenger front door lock switches.  The vehicle can still be locked, while the key is in the ignition switch, using the mechanical button or remote/keyless entry.
When the smart locks operation is valid and a driver or passenger power door lock switch is pressed, the driver door module will lock and then immediately unlock the door lock motors. The mechanical button will also move down and then up as the doors lock and unlock.

By locking/unlocking the doors, Ford assures us that the switch is operating. In addition, the lock motors unlocking and the button moving up provides audible and visible feedback to us that the doors are not locked.

When the doors are unlocked due to the smart lock feature, the driver door module sends an all doors unlock-switch message in support of the anti-theft feature.

The key in ignition chime, which has a repetition rate different from the other warnings, will also sound to alert the customer that the key is in the ignition.


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