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SHO Sample Build Sheet

New 6/8/05

When a car company takes to build a car they use a "Build Sheet" which tell everyone building the car exactly which options, colors, choices, parts to use.  I had the build sheet for my 78 WS6 Trans Am which told me which jets, needles and hangers in my carb, which speedo gear and a million other helpful details. Build sheets are sometimes tossed away or sometimes left under the rear seats.

I have been searching for any V8 SHO build sheet, much less my own for years and this came my way. It's an excellent copy of a poor quality print. It is thumb nailed here to help this page load quickly. Be warned the full size image is  4MB to preserve as much quality as possible.

Anyone want to decipher each field in use and report back? I am a touch busy this week.


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