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SHO Wagons

New 3/16/05

just out of curiosity, I wonder how many showagons exist or did exist?

the ultimate family ride?

-Chris Farmer

I think there are about four or maybe five.

Car and Driver built a Gen II automatic, Red I think.

There is a white gen II automatic belonging to a club member, been to many conventions.

I have some distant memory of a Gen I manual wagon being built, but maybe someone just talked about it, I haven't seen it in person.

There is a very nice 97 V8 auto wagon in Silver.  It still exists, I think Big Dog owns it, but not sure what state it is in right now.  It was the front clip from a V8 SHO mated to the rear clip of a regular wagon.  Cut at the A pillar and under the front seats.  VERY neat. Lots of chrome under the hood, even had the skateboard on top above the back window, actually looked right there.

And there is I think one more Gen II wagon...again, memory isn't real clear here, but I just think there were at least three GEn II auto wagons.  No Gen II MTX wagons that I know of.

others with better memory please chime in.

Don Mallinson

Ah Brad is selling the wagon, very nice. Apparently its not big dogs any more its Brads I spoke to him about it.

In addition to the red atx wagon ford built they also built a white one that is used now at a college in MI. It was at spring zing a few years ago. A Gen II custom wagon is being built right now and there is also a gen 1 floating around. Don't forget the ebay green mtx wagon built by a custom company to show off a nice sound system.

Ryan J Pasch

wow I sure wish I could get my hands on the MTX with the nice sound system!!

this silver one is pretty sweet with only 50 some k on the clock

-Chris Farmer

Yeah, but its 55k on a motor that used to be supercharged, whatever wear/damage that may have inflicted upon the internals.  Seems to be some issue with the driver side as well, unless its just sitting in a depression.  Not for me, that's for sure, not for near $10k.

No doubt.  This SHOwagon (Isn't it called a SHOgun?) is cool to look  at, but for $11K, I'd definitely pass.  I really like the chrome paint  job on the engine and appearance cover.  Spring project? Hmmmm.


you have a point. though I meant its pretty sweet if it can be had for cheap. if their buy it now is 11k it aint for me either. still, it is a rare find and someone may bite

-Chris Farmer

No, the SHOgun is a fiesta with a SHO motor in it. Jay Leno owns one.

Paul L Fisher

It can be had for far less . IIRC it did have a 4.0 in it that was pulled recently and replaced . It is a nice car . I`ve seen it a few times up close and it deffinately warrants attention . I bid on it . I want the car . If it doesn`t sell on ebay , I`ll try to coax Brad .

B.King 13

Just as a point of information:

Any vehicle is, of course, worth exactly what someone is willing to pay, and for many the $11k buy-it-now price is too high, but if this vehicle is in top shape, like it was the last time I saw it (two owners and some mods on and off the car and several years ago) it was a show quality #1 car in excellent mechanical shape.

If that was still true, then I think the car could be worth 11k or more. Certainly to re-create it you could easily spend double or triple that without labor factored in!

The question is: exactly what shape is it in cosmetically and mechanically. And is all the custom work and the joy of owning a true One-off vehicle worth it to you? or anyone?

also, SHOgun was the nickname for the SHO when it first came out, never an official name. There was a very short production run of Ford Festiva subcompact cars with the SHO driveline in the rear seat (RWD) that were officially called SHOguns. But this particular wagon was never called a SHOgun.

Don Mallinson


Yes, the SHOgun was A "production" run car, but that can cover a wide spectrum. Note I said specifically "very short" production run.

The car was intended for series production, and only when sales tanked did it end at what....7 or 8 maybe 9 produced?

So it for sure doesn't fall under the category of a one-off. There was a production line, that makes it production in my book.

You are welcome to establish whatever production quantity that you feel will meet your criteria, but I am sure Roush, Lingenfelter and others consider their cars as a production run. Being able to buy a car at a "big three" or whatever major dealership isn't a good criteria, I know of people that have made ONE specialized vehicle that you could order at a dealer, or several, but only ONE was ever produced.

The SHOgun was not a kit. It was sold as a completed car as far as I know. Some left-over parts might have been sold, and I know there were a few cars built from scratch by others.

Don Mallinson

In my talk with the guy that built it, and from seeing his pictures, the car was cut near the middle of the A pillar (windshield) and under the seat (basically near, but in front of the B-pillar.

REally about the only logical way to do it. Best for ease of assembly and alignment. As with any cut car, overall strength is a concern, but if any cut up and reassembled car can be near as good as original, I think this one would be, they seem to have really taken their time and done it right.

Don Mallinson

Actually....Shelby may be considered production, they did after all race Shelby Cobras in the production car class A back in the 1960s I only know about this cause i was reading a book on shelbys last night. the cars were factory sponsored up until the late 60s by the 70s they were all individually sponsored but they really took it to the vettes and the feraries ect. they had a tradition at the height of their run of taking 1st 2nd and 3rd at races. anyways just a bit of history.


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