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Transaxle Cooler Lines

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Fluid Cooler, Integral

The automatic transaxle cooling systems consist of:

1. an integral transaxle fluid cooler.

2. a tubular design auxiliary transaxle fluid cooler.

The integral transaxle fluid cooler is located inside the radiator. Transmission fluid flows from the pump assembly to the integral transaxle fluid cooler in the radiator before continuing to the auxiliary transaxle fluid cooler. If fluid leaks are found to be originating at the radiator, the entire radiator should be replaced. Refer to «Section 03-03».

Fluid Cooler, Auxiliary

An auxiliary transaxle fluid cooler is used in line with the integral transaxle fluid cooler. This tubular-design transaxle fluid cooler is mounted in front of the A/C condenser core. Transmission fluid flows from the integral transaxle cooler in the radiator into the auxiliary transaxle fluid cooler before returning to the transaxle pump assembly.

The transaxle fluid cooler lines retained to the transaxle and radiator are a push-connect design. A special removal tool is required for all vehicles.


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