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SARC Struts

Thanks to Paul Nimz

updated 02/09/2008

 FWIW the OEM supplier of the SARC struts is Sachs and the price of
their struts is near what Ford wants now. Use to be they were in the
$300+ range.



SARC cars are very hard to tell if the shocks are bad unless there are visible signs of leakage. With the motor off the shocks are in a "hard state" and you can not bounce the car. When the car is idling they go into a "soft state" being a lot easier to bounce due to the valves being open.

OEM replacements are not cheap. There was talk of after-market non-SARC shocks but I don't think anyone came up with some good alternatives.

Here's the OEM part numbers and price from Ford Parts Network....

AM-910-G Genuine Ford RH front strut $ 129.99
AM-911-G Genuine Ford LH front strut $ 129.99
AM-912-G Genuine Ford RH rear shock $ 118.99
AM-913-G Genuine Ford LH rear shock $ 118.99

Paul Nimz
'97 TR


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