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SHO Changes for 99 TSB 99-7-5


99-7-5, Publication Date: APRIL 7, 1999




1999 SABLE


There have been significant product changes to the 1999 Taurus/Sable and Taurus SHO. Awareness of these changes should increase the dealer's ability to "Fix It Right The First Time On Time," help avoid submitting inappropriate misbuilt vehicle claims, and improve customer awareness of the features on their vehicle.


Refer to the following 1999 Product Changes for Taurus/Sable and Taurus SHO.





Bumper Fascias - The front and rear bumper fascias have a reduced number of attaching push pins.

Rear Wheelwell Splash Shields - Changed in design and size.

Leather Seats - Mid-year sew pattern and grain changed from Nudo to G-grain.

Folding Rear Seats - Changed from standard to optional equipment on some Sable models.

Flip-Fold Console - Changed from standard with a column shift to a zero cost option.

Windshield - Tint band has been removed on some vehicles.

Passenger Compartment Micron Air Filter - Changed from standard equipment to a dealer installed option.

Rear Taillamp Applique - The bottom and side rubber gimp mouldings have been removed. Does not apply to SHO.



Instrumentation Illumination - Instrumentation lights are delayed upon headlamp switch activation.

Glove Compartment Lighting - No longer equipped.

Footwell Lighting - No longer equipped.

Sun Load Sensor - Mid-year change. No longer equipped.

Central Locking - Only available when vehicle is equipped with Remote Keyless Entry.

Low Coolant Sensor - Not equipped. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) P1881, P1882, P1883 and P1884 may appear during Generic Electronic Module (GEM) system diagnosis. These codes are false and should be ignored.

Rear Speaker Grilles - Mid-year change. No longer equipped on Taurus.



Variable Assist Power Steering - All 1999 model year Taurus/Sables (except SHO) may exhibit false DTCs C1898, C1899, and C1928. The system has changed from an electronic to a mechanically-controlled system. The SHO is still using an electronic system.

Semi-Active Ride Control - The SHO ONLY may exhibit false DTCs C1884, C1892, C1901, C1905, C1909, and/or C1913. Semi-Active Ride Control (SARC) has changed to mechanically valved shocks. This system does not interface between the shocks and an SARC module. The SARC module is still utilized for variable assist power steering.

Rear Sway Bar - Equipped on SHO and Sport Appearance Packages only.

ABS Brakes - Taurus/Sable Sedans only are equipped with drum ABS for the rear brakes. Rear disc ABS is only available on Wagons and SHO.



Exhaust - Taurus vehicles equipped with a 3.0L 4-valve Duratec engine have changed in mid-year from dual to single exhaust. The Sable is not affected by this change.

Overdrive Cancel - Mid-year change. No longer equipped with an overdrive cancel button.



OASIS CODES: 101000, 102000, 103000, 105000, 106000, 108000, 112000, 201000, 201100, 201200, 203000, 205000, 207000, 301000, 302000, 303000, 304000, 403000, 499000, 504000

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