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Ford Announces Major Recall


Ford announced a major recall today affecting all Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln Dealerships.

Service writers, salespersons and mechanics with a date of manufacture between 1930 and 1990 may have an ethics and/or competence defect resulting in unsatisfactory customer experience. 

When asked why it took so long to address such long standing problem the Ford spokesperson simply admitted " We have known we have had a problem for a very long time but as long as we are never as bad Chevy or Mopar we thought we could get by." When asked when the consumer may notice an improvement the spokesperson admitted. "It took 70 years to get into this mess and may take that long to get much better."

Customers experiencing problems can call Ford Customer Satisfaction Hot Line. If you expect only to vent to some poor clerk who will dutifully take notes which will be promptly discarded you may be satisfied. The diagnostic test for the clerk on the Ford Customer Satisfaction Hot Line is if he tells you Ford Motor Company has no control over dealerships which are indecently independently owned and operated.

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