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Trans-Go Shift Kit Discussion

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From: Matt Hurlburt

anyone know about shift kits for our cars?  My SHO makes a weird and quiet click when it powershifts into 2nd usually chirps the tires....I fear my CV joints might be going out...

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From: Randy Mercante

I had one of the prototype shift kits from TRaNSGO put into my last tranny rebuild.  What I was looking for was a more of a performance upgrade and not so much a durability upgrade which the shift kit is.  The problem with the kit for my use was that Transgo uses a cut off type valve for open line pressure which limits it to about 175 psi, but when I race on the NOS side of the chip I like to optimize the maximum 350 psi.  Something that the Transgo kit doesn't allow.  along with the Transgo kit, Doug also went through the tranny and added a few springs and retightened all the bands. He set up the accumulators to his liking.

So now were gonna rebuild the trany once more and leave a few things out of the Transgo Kit and Doug is gonna do a few extra things the second time around since this was the first one done.  He now has a feel of what he wants.  Transgo was very helpful to Doug, but they said they just weren't in the business of making performance kits for FWD cars.

When my tranny went out summer of '00 I had it rebuilt with a Doug Lewis version of the TransGo shift kit. TransGo makes a durability kit and Doug has worked with them to fashion a high performance SHO kit. I like it a lot but other could not detect a big improvement in normal driving. (the kit cost something like $100) 

Recently Don Mallinson got a chance to first drive his car then mine on an autocross event (close to abuse but not for an SHO) and he for the first time could tell the improvement. See his remarks at V8 SHO Autocross Comparison


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