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Spoiler Waxing

Thanks to Sheriff Buford T. Justice

After 5 years of waxing the door jams I thought what else can I wax? I have paws like bear and have never been able to clean and wax the rear spoiler like it deserves. Tonight I removed that puppy and waxed the hood & spoiler and put it back on.

The job is easy with a few warnings. The "skate board" is held on by (3) 13-mm nuts on each side accessible from the trunk side. Two of the nuts in turn are hidden by an appearance panel, which is held by (4) #2 phillips-head screws.

One need only remove the 3 of the 4 screws and all 6 nuts and you have the spoiler in your hands to clean polish and wax. One warning, once wet or waxed the spoiler it self is as slippery as a greased eel so do all of that on a pad or carpet. You would not want to put any new dings or scratches in the spoiler and yet I can see how it could happen very easily.

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