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Big Dog's Real Police Interceptor

Only the old timers will remember the original V8FAQ site started by Bill Moore (AKA Big Dog). Bill still has one SHO but sold the second that belonged to his wife.  I just got this from Bill. Seems he now has a real Police interceptor. Bill is always the prime example of kindness and class. 

Thanks for all you have given us Bill!

Hi Tim,

I thought I'd send you a couple pictures of my new toy. It should give me lot's of attention and some good solid fun. Gone are the creature comforts and handling I'm used to in the SHO. That's replaced with brute force American Muscle. It has a 429 police interceptor engine! I thought 'Buford' would especially appreciate this new ride ;-))

In my prayers,

Po2.jpg (71647 bytes)

Po4.jpg (34857 bytes)

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