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Our first sound is of Brent Savage's 97 Ebony Satin with Bullet Stainless Steel mufflers.  He choose not to reuse the stock tips and went with dual square outlet tips.  His second Sound is a nice easy take off with his wife at the wheel...which might explain why it is so mellow!
Sound 1
  mp3 file
Sound 2 mp3 file

Seems the Bloomington IL police are funny about cars driving 130+ mph early on Sunday mornings. My lawyer got a copy of the police dispatching tape. Seems they never got a good ID on the car (who ev-a' dat wuz), no plate, no VIN and no description. Must have even been a Contour.

Donít always out run the radio, but they had to drop this one for lack of positive ID. Sound 3 (380k  mp3) 

You may want to download (right click save target) and play from your own hard disk. I told him Taurus is America's  most popular sedan, must have been just another Taurus that LOOKS like mine. They are ubiquitous. SEG I think I saw the guy your looking for. He went that a way-------->

Cop said I was clocked 114 mph, honestly no car driving 114 mph can disappear like that. I hate it when cops lie & make up "evidence." Watch your self south of Bloomington and north of the Heyworth exit. on 51. The road is straight, wide & level but the cops tend to make up radar readings and hold grudges. I have on good authority the equipment used doesn't even read to the mile above 100 mph it just flashes "100+"  and that's when they drop their donuts and go in to hot pursuit. Except for this guy who radioed ahead. 

arivederci, au revoir, adios, hasta la vista & auf wiedersehen officer!

Who Dat?
no hard feeling I hope.  ;-)


Mike Hollhut's 96 Ebony Satin with one mean exhaust.  Bullet Stainless Steel Mufflers and a K&N cone filter.
Movie 1 mpg movie (with Bullet Mufflers).  Movie 2 mpg movie (with no exhaust!  Turn up the volume!!!)

George Gadebusch sent us this movie of his 96 Ebony Satin.  He has Stock exhaust without a 3rd cat and that's it. The movie is taken inside of the car. 
Movie 1
.  mpg movie

If you have sound or movie clips that you would like to add email them to me.  If they are over 1meg in size I will be unable to accept them by mail and you will have to ftp them to me.

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