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SHO vs. Stealth

Thanks Mike

Juan, yep, I have one of each.

I would guess that the RT/TT and VR4 would beat the SHO in acceleration (and certainly in cornering), but not by a whole lot.

The VR4 / Stealth weighs 3,800 lbs, SHO is 3,442. That's a lot of extra (and excess) weight to be carrying around. The TT has 300hp, the SHO, 230(?). However, the SHO's V8 puts lots of power to the pavement immediately off idle, while the Stealth's turbo has to spool up. At about 3000 rpm, the Stealth takes off like a rocket. Both cars redline at 7,000.

My Stealth is red ("Firestorm Red") and it sticks out anywhere it goes, turns heads, and is always the target for stoplight grand prix. Most of this attention, I don't really want.

The SHO is the opposite, and that's why I got one. Unsuspecting folks who pull up alongside me to slingshot past are sometimes shocked by seeing my tail lights a couple seconds later. Most think they've been humbled by a plain ol' Taurus. Too bad for them!

Where the Stealth really shines is in the rain. With AWD, the tires never lose their grip - and even cars like the 'Vette are in for some trouble. The only time I ever spun the tires was in snow, and all 4 will break lose.

Dream car?...... a 2001 Taurus, AWD, any of Ford's fine DOHC engines (though Yamaha could probably still do a better job)..... if it's a V6, then twin turbos......then you'd really have a killer wolf in sheep's clothing.



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