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18x8 Rims on a SHO

Hello I was looking at your web site and noticed a lot of nice SHO's.  I am including 2 pics of my ebony satin 98 maybe I will see mine with those other beautiful SHO's some mods include 18x8 KMC units 255/40-18 Goodyear F-1 tires

No rubbing K&N air filter magna flow 4.5 " polished stainless mufflers . I love this car the one thing I donít appreciate is a lot of people only see a Taurus. I traded my 97 cobra in on this do to a new arrival and I thought I could get a nice sedan and leave it alone guess not

Jon Cready
Monroe Michigan

MVC-574S.JPG (265092 bytes)MVC-577S.JPG (39030 bytes)

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