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Cure For Depression

Thanks to Sheriff Buford T. Justice

No matter how bad it gets with a SHO the only real issues are the transmission which may last 50,000-100,000 miles and  some folks have had a bump noise in the front suspension. (replace the struts, see the TSBs)

Well some one always has it worse. See this page for an appreciation of just how trouble free and well made our cars are.

417 problem areas! My dog did not have 1/10 that many problems at age 16 and I had the vet put him down. Of course I miss my dog, never get attached to a GTP.

 No matter how bad a SHO owner has it at least he doesn't have a GTP.

What the hell is this all about?  No where on that guy's GTP page, is any reference listed to the 417 problems with the car as described above!  The only thing I did see, is that with $500 worth of mods, he's running consistent 13.7's at over 100 mph!  Yeah, that's a great cure for my depression.  If anything, it makes me want to trade my SHO for a GTP ;)

~ The Phantom Menace

Dear Menace, correct link is    http://www.grandprix.net/problems/indexjs.html   You can run 11's   for all I care and it will never be more than a poorly-made disposable Pontiac with an iron lung and cheap interior.  Below are the 417 problem areas.  I can't deny that GTP can be quick, you can't deny they have the worse engineering and quality control this side of a Yugo. 

With 60,000 miles  my car is stable, poised, solid and silent at 140 mph. 

One other thing, on this list we use real names and sign our work. Like our cars we have integrity.

Timothy Wright



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