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Console Latch

Thanks to Sheriff Buford T. Justice

The center console has a latch that will snap if too much weight is placed on the console lid.

Replacement is easy.

Part number is P6DZ-54061A34-A  (Latch) 


  1. Use a T-10 Torx driver to remove the screw,
  2. Turn over the broken latch and examine the metal spring position. 
  3. Place the spring in the new latch to match the position in the old latch.
  4. Turn over the latch and put the screw back in.

If you can change a light bulb you can make this repair - unless you you are a service manager at a Ford dealership. Mine at Northtown Ford in Decatur wanted to use a regular screwdriver and it took him 1/2 hour.  He would not let me do it for him since "customers can not use tools or visit the service area for insurance reasons."

 I tend to require these often so I buy a few at a time, I don't know when they may quit making them. 

You use the same T-10 driver to also adjust your headlights so if you have to buy one it has may uses.

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