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Level Ten Chip & ATX Mods

Talked to Vadim today he talked to level ten the other day the shiftronic and the chip will work real good with are cars. So will the converter but there is a much more reasonable place to get those. Level tens chip does get rid of thee ford encrypt top speed limit in are cars, firmer shifts, and great fuel control . The shiftronic, the chip and converter will be going on my car while Vadim has it so I will keep you posted on how it works. The chip will be programmed to work with the mods done to each person on a one on one basis . So they will be able to program mine to work with all the changes Vadim is doing to my car (like 10 pounds boost, cam , lower compression,36 injectors ect )plus all the mods already done. So once you take the level ten chip, shiftronic, and higher stall converter and add a trans go kit and a extra set of forward, direct and intermediate clutches along with an aux cooler. you should have one bad ax4n that shouldn’t give you too many probs.

Brad Hogue
ebony satin

vanity plate (SHO SHOP)
tinted windows
sho shop cat back
blue headlights
hi flow air box
strut brace
26mm sway bar
sarc switch
autometer gauges (just completed)
custom throttle body
17 in wheels w/ kumho tires ectsa 700
audio upgrade
mobile video
fog lights
ventshade products
baer front track kit
rear crossdrilled rotors semi metallic pads
hood scoop (will come off when ne paint job is done)
viper alarm

Tom Boyle has already had them do a chip for him and has gotten about the same results as the Superchip. I know that L10 went through a lot to break the security codes, I think Tom had a problem with one version (his car wouldn't start. Kirk D. has been doing a lot of development with the Superchip along with Doug Lewis. I think the bottom line is that unless we can really reverse engineer our PCM's the chip won't give us what everyone claims it will.

Chris A

99 SF

BTW : Where has Tom been, after his accident with the Con-Ed truck I don't think we have heard from him.

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